Matt Coppola

Director of Product & Engineering for Yellowdig

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Recent Projects

Interactive album site that allows users to create visuals by typing. Engineering Lead for Museyroom and Grind Select.
A Philadelphia based film collective, Out of Town Films creates performance-based videos with local and touring artists. Engineering Lead for Spacely.
Extensive chronology of Philadelphia's Avant-garde era of the 1960s and 1970s. Created in collaboration with the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. Engineering Lead for P'unk Avenue.

* Site of the Day 4.8.16
Open-source, in-context CMS built on Node.js and MongoDB. Major contributor to version 2.0 rewrite.
Non-profit music organization and home of the Shaking Through documentary series featured by Pitchfork and NPR Music. Engineering Lead for P'unk Avenue.